On March 9, 2019, the Women Leadership Forum presented by China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) MBA was successfully held in Shanghai. Despite the gray sky and a misty drizzle, over 230 enthusiastic guests attended the event and participated in a great discussion on the topic of “The Future of Women Leadership.” With the support of CEIBS 2020 MBA students, CEIBS professors, co-organizers and sponsoring partners, the forum attracted influential men and women in business to share their valuable experience and advice. Katherine Lui, Founder & CEO of CanCan看看 Group, joined the forum as a panelist on Women in Entrepreneurship.

The Forum, presented by CEIBS MBA Women’s Leadership Network and Global Women Connect, also featured successful businesswomen such as Susanna Chiu – President of the HKICPA, Celine Chew – President of Bayer China, and Vivian Tina – Global Vice President and General Manager of eBay China Center of Excellence. During the all-day event, keynote speakers, panelists and workshop attendees shared their experiences and insight on the future of women with topics on #HeForShe, Women in Leadership, Women Entrepreneurs and Women in STEM.

Katherine Lui, a panelist in the Women in Entrepreneurship discussion along with five other male and female leaders in business, shared with the audience how she successfully transformed from a traditional “Big 4” auditor to an innovative entrepreneur who launched a self-developed software providing business management solutions to fast-growing start-ups in China. She recounted the challenges and hardships along the journey, and offered her advice to women pursuing the entrepreneurial path in China and around the world. One of the biggest challenges Katherine recalled when launching her own business in China was convincing her team of accountants to get out of their comfort zone and be innovative. While Katherine had an adventurous spirit, her team members were not so used to having an entrepreneurial mindset. “I have a very professional team,” said Katherine, “and my team does not want to deviate from that. However, since I have done many deals, I believe technology can take the level of our service and professionalism to new heights. That’s why when my team thinks that the current high-quality work is good enough, I still want more.” Therefore, in an effort to drive change, Katherine organized team-building training sessions overseas and implemented targeted programs to encourage team members to come up with creative and daring ways to contribute to the company’s success. The outcome? Meet a team that is now deeply rooted in both finance and technology – a team of professionals who can provide value-adding acting-CFO services to entrepreneurs and address clients’ ERP needs quickly.

During the discussion, Katherine also emphasized that the stereotypes people typically have about female and occupations like accounting are not necessarily true, and encouraged others to break free of them. For instance, Katherine herself is someone with strong accounting background who is also a tech entrepreneur. She believes that tech is the tool with which we can disrupt “traditional” industries such as accounting, which is why in 2015 Katherine launched a fintech startup named CanCan看看™️ with a propriety cloud-based software designed to help early-stage SME’s keep their companies’ financial health in check. The company has already received two awards in recognition of its distinct value proposition: one award for the Top 10 ERP Solution Providers in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook, and the other for being one of the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2019 by Mediazone.

To all the aspiring entrepreneurs, male or female, always remember: “It’s about grit. It’s about telling yourself yes when you are told no.” On your path to success, CanCan看看 Group is happy to provide advice and help you and your company grow. For more information, please us a call at +852 3571 9100 (International) or +86 400 808 2979 (Mainland China).

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