December 12th was an incredibly fun day for both us and all our valued guests attending CanAsia‘s 10th anniversary party.


Early on December 12th, professional hairdressers, stylists and photographers, including former Chief Editor of BAZAAR, gathered in our Shanghai office, preparing for the big event.

What was the makeup team for? 

For a group of professional accountants! They challenged the “nerdy” accountant stereotype, styling themselves after classic European, gypsy, and hippie fashions.

This team is the driving force of CanAsia and chose the 10th anniversary to display the accounting profession in a new light.

We are professional accountants and IT guru with forward-looking mindsets and a fun group to hang out with.


We had lots of fun!

This was how our office looked like during the event – full of warmth, laughter and joy, despite the chilly December weather outside.

Party attendees were treated to a selection of gourmet dishes: eel rice, Italian cheese, American wines, Cantonese char siu and much more.

Plus, we had a professional bartender making top-notch fresh cocktails onsite.

Our good friends Paul and Moses performed beautiful renditions of pop songs in Cantonese, Chinese and English for nearly 4 hours during the party. 

It may seem a bit overwhelming, but our office has actually hosted similar parties once a month since September 2018.

We would like to express our gratitude toBecky, founder of eelite 一跃, for supplying high-quality eels. 

Also, many thanks to Yida, the founder of Voilà, for bringing her delicious cakes and wraps. 
Last but not least, we want to offer thanks to our good friend Warren Li. Warren is an interior designer from Hong Kong with fortunetelling as his hobby who offered readings to guests during the party.
We also invited some former employees of CanAsia to the party. Below is a picture of CanAsia’s founding team: 


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